Friday, November 18, 2011

8 CDS Sensors line detection

Line Tracking with 8 CDS Sensors   is a line-detection sensor module which is used for line follower robot (Line Follower).

Technical Specifications:
  • Consists of 8 LEDs and 8 pieces of fruit CdS Cell (LDR).
  • Have the analog data output for each sensor.
  • The value of output voltage for each sensor is 0VDC - 4.9 VDC.
  • Value of the output voltage can be directly connected to the circuit ADC / comparator for processing by the microcontroller.
  • There is a pin-out to turn off the LED through the LED or digital logic.
  • Able to read color difference line and background color within a range of 4mm - 10mm.
  • Variable resistors are available for the calibration of each sensor.
  • Dimensions: 10.45 cm (L) x 3.15 cm (W) x 2.8 cm (H)