Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Picaso-SGC graphics controller

Picaso-SGC is a graphics controller for LCD or OLED graphic graphics to display graphics, images, animations or written with the help of malalui microcontroller serial interface.

Package: TQFP (10mm x 10mm)


  • Can be connected to the microcontroller 80-Series which has a 16-bit data width
  • Has a UART interface, SPI (can for USD / uSDHC or SPI communication with other divice)
  • Support FAT16 file format
  • Having a 16-pin general I / O
  • Can be connected with a USD Card or MMC for storage of multimedia files
  • Has an interface module with 4-wire touch panel
  • Capable of displaying color images, animations, logos, or video clip
  • There are several software tools that can be downloaded for free from 4D Systems webite
  • 4D-Workshop3, editor / compiler / linker / downloader for building applications based 4DGL.
  • PmmC loaders, tool to update the configuration file PmmC the module in determining the working mode (stand alone / slave).
  • PmmC file for GFX modes (Stand Alone Grahic Controller) or SGC (Slave Graphic Controller).
  • Graphic Composer, a tool to compose the view.
  • FONT Tool, a tool to convert Windows fonts into bitmaps fonts are supported Picaso-GFX2.
  • RMPET (Removable Media Edit Partition Tool), tool to help partition the micro SD.
  • Power supply 3.3 VDC @ 12mA