Monday, November 14, 2011

Manoi ATO1 (Type C Body) humanoid robot kit

Discover high mobility and speed with Manoi ATO1 (Type C Body)
• Manoi AT01 evolves and changes its outfit
• Excellent frame design and unique movements
• Perform perfect motions
• Up to 260 degrees arm rotation
• Actuators (KRS-4024S HV): 17 pcs
• Heart to Heart 3 software (CD ROM): 1 pc
• AC/DC Delta Peak quick charger: 1 pc
• 10.8V-300mAh Nickel Hybrid Battery: 1 pc
• Manual: 1 pc

iXs Research Corporation introduces the Manoi AT01 Humanoid Robot (Type C Body). This is the same robot as Manoi AT01 but with Type C Body. This robot has been conceived for the premise of creating an 'Athletic Cup' which is a speed walk competition between humanoid robots. The Type C Body is perfect for hobby robotics competitions. It incorporates the potential for growth and be active in a variety of sporting events. The Manoi AT01 humanoid robot is invented to be easily customizable. It features detachable faceplates making exterior modifications very common for it.

This athlete robot features precision digital servos and highly flexible RCB-3 controller from Kondo. It can do frictionless, natural movements and acts almost instantaneously to your commands. The control board is able to control upto twenty four servos. The Manoi AT01 is driven by 17 servos that supply 17 degrees of freedom (DOF).

The Manoi can move back, move forward, push-ups, walk, run, play football, and even dance with many more motions. As the RCB-3 controller features analog inputs so you can easily integrate additional sensors such as gyros.