Tuesday, October 28, 2014

4WD Chassis Robot Arm

The purpose of the current development of the robotics industry is that robots can replace human work, including this robot is the hope that the future can play the role of lifeguard or firefighter, in a difficult environment, you can enter the disaster-stricken area to remove obstacles and clear a lifesaving channels.

  • Plate size: 120 * 227mm
  • Big wheels: Φ125
  • 4WD Overall Dimensions (without arm): 280 * 310 * 140
  • DOF manipulator: 2
  • Paw maximum opening angle: 50
  • Overall arm length (maximum angle paw Time): 192
  • 4WD vehicle paw in a fixed position on the center height: 75
  • Bodywork maximum tension: 5KG

4WD version of Wild Thumper is an ideal platform to build upon. The 2DOF aluminium arm compliments this chassis beautifully. 4 powerful motors and an adjustable independent suspension system lets little chassis go almost anywhere. Comes standard with the 75:1 gear ratios for better control when picking up objects with the arm.

Each unit comes pre-assembled in a colour printed box. Wheels and arm need to be attached to the chassis with supplied tools. A simple printed manual is included.