Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Magician controller board arduino compatible

The Magician robot controller is a low cost, Arduino compatible controller for beginners with everything you need to get started all on one board.


  • USB interface and ISP socket for easy programming.
  • ATmega8 controller preloaded with the Arduino boot loader (upgradeable).
  • Dual motor controller rated at 800mA for each motor.
  • Motor control circuit can be disconnected to provide additional digital pins.
  • 8x 3 pin servo compatible outputs.
  • 6x analog inputs with +5V and ground for powering sensors.
  • Servo power selectable between battery voltage or 5V regulated.
  • LDO +5V regulator rated at 1.5A when used with a heatsink.
  • Reverse polarity protection diode rated at 3A to protect servos.
  • Quality screw terminals for power and motor connections.
  • Power switch, power LED, reset button and D13 LED.