Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Pixel : Interactive Led Frame

PIXEL is an interactive photo frame that allows users to change and modify the look or animation on the frame via android smartphone and windows PC. PIXEL consists of 1024 (32 x 32) RGB LED pieces that you can use to display 8-bit format pictures. PIXEL uses an open-source microcontroller called IOIO designed to communicate with android / windows API via bluetooth connectivity and USB port. In addition, the PIXEL also has an IR proximity sensor that allows users to interact with animations on PIXEL.

- Voltage: 5 V
- Current: 4 A
- Microcontroller: IOIO
- Resolution: 32 x 32 pixels
- LED: 1024 RGB LED
- Image Format: 8-bit
- Programming Path: Bluetooth and USB
- Sensor: IR proximity sensor

- 1x 32 x 32 LED panel
- 1x IOIOMint board + LED matrix shield
- 2x Bluetooth dongle
- 1x Built-in IR proximity sensor
- 1x 5V / 4A Adapter

Applications for android and windows can be downloaded http://ledpixelart.com/support/get-the-apps/