Wednesday, May 03, 2017

MB8450 Car Detection Sensor

MB8450 Car Detection Sensor is an ultrasonic sensor with a digital signal output (true / false) that is designed to detect the distance of the car on the drive thru area. This sensor is able to detect the distance of objects in the range of 50 cm to 500 cm and the results of the distance reading will be sent directly to the computer bersistem operating Windows, Mac, and Linux serial via USB cable. The MB8450 also features a simultaneous multi-sensor feature that allows users to integrate multiple sensors within the same system without worrying about interference between signals. The MB8450 is ideal when applied to drive thru ATMs, fast-food restaurants, parking areas, garages, toll gates, and so on.

- Frequency: 42 KHz
- Output Signal: Digital (true / false)
- Reading Distance: 50 cm - 500 cm
- Interface: USB
- Standardization: IP67
- Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, and Linux
- Features: Supports multi-sensor simultaneous feature, equipped with micro USB type B cable for communication to computer