Friday, October 09, 2015

ATrack AK1 GPS Vehicle Tracker

GPS tracking tool for compact-sized vehicles that are useful to provide real-time information on the position and movement of vehicles through the GPRS network. The relatively small size makes it easy to apply, does not attract attention, and easily hidden. With intelligent control so that the user can define different combinations of actions to be taken by the tool when a condition is reached as turning off the engine when the vehicle is out of bounds certain areas by the use of geo-fencing.

- Small and easy installation
- Data communication by SMS / USSD / TCP / UDP
- High accuracy GPS positioning
- GSM jamming detection
- Built-in 3-axis G-sensor
- FOTA firmware upgrade using FTP
- Configurable Real Time Tracking & Logging
- Intelligent engine control event
- 1-Wire® protocol supported
- 3 Configurable GPIOs
- Roaming preference settings
- Harsh driving behavior events
- Configurable power management
- 32 user-defined geofences
- Support Garmin® FMI
- Support external fuel level sensor