Friday, October 23, 2015

IOIO-OTG (rev 2)

IOIO-OTG is an I / O board that can act as a USB Host or USB Device. If IOIO-OTG is connected to Android devices and supporting applications are run, then IOIO-OTG will act as a USB Host. If IOIO-OTG device connected to a computer (OS Windows, Linux, OSX), then IOIO-OTG will act as USB Device. When it became IOIO-OTG into a USB Device, it will be detected as a virtual serial port. This board has experienced a renewal of the previous versions of the bootloader is upgraded to V4.01 and V5.00 firmware to the application.

- Based PIC microcontroller 24FJ256
- Power supply: 5VDC - 10VDC with a minimum current 1A
- Have the ADC output, digital I / O, PWM output, UART, SPI, I2C, etc.
- Package sales: IOIO-OTG Board, Female USB-A to Micro-A Cable.