Friday, October 30, 2015

Active RFID Tag for Electric Current Detection

Active RFID Tag for Electric Current Detection is working at 2.45Ghz . This tag can connect in series between electronic devices and power, which can monitor the power consumption of device in real time and upload the current measurement values wirelessly by 2.45Ghz . At the same time, it will alarm if the current load is overflowing or power-fail. It is best to applied in laboratory, machinery room and factory, etc. for critical equipment,  monitoring purpose and asset management.


RF Parameters
 Frequency  2.4-2.48GHz
 Output Power  -6dbm
Basic Parameters
 Basic ID  8bytes
 Working Mode  Passive Mode(monitor status) + Active Mode(Standby status)
 ID Send Interval 1s (adjustable according to client requirements)
 Expected Battery Life  2years (related with working mode and output power, etc), battery replaceable
 Identity Distance 0-80m
Current Detection Features
 Current Detection Range 50MA-10A
 Accuracy of Current Detection 50MA-5A:<3mA
Mechanical Parameters
 Dimension 93mm × 55mm × 38mm
 Casing Material TC Material ( inflaming retarding)
 Working Temperature -40°C~+75°C
 Storage Temperature -60°C~+80°C
 Working Humidity  5% ~ 95%(no condensing)