Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sensors Pack with 13 Different Sensors in One Pack

This product is a package of sensors, where the first package has been there 13 sensors are used quite often in our projects.

As the sensors are:
- 1x Gas Sensor MQ-5 (for leak detection of LPG gas or coal gas).
- 1x Colour Sensor (for men-sorting of color or color adjustment).
- 1x Fire Sensor (for fire detection, fire fighting robot or a fire alarm).
- 1x Hall sensor (for motor speed measurement or detection of the position of an object).
- 1x Infrared Reflective Sensor (for robot groove sensor or vehicle obstacle avoidance).
- 1x Laser Sensor (for obstacle detection).
- 1x Humidity Sensor (for automatic irrigation system).
- 1x Round sensor (for position detection in the industrial world).
- 1x Sound Sensor (for detection of weak level of loud sounds).
- 1x Temperature-Humidity Sensor (for detection of room temperature and humidity).
- Tilt Sensor 1x (for detection of vibration).
- 1x Sensor Ultra Violet (for examination ultra violet).
- 1x Liquid Level Sensors (to control water levels).