Monday, October 26, 2015

RC-100B remote control

RC-100 B is a remote control for controlling various production robot robotic kit that is rich in features.

- There ekklusif connector to attach BT-210 module.
- Supports a wide range of communication ie IR, Zigbee, and Bluetooth.
- Features power saving mechanism when the remote is not in use.
- It has 10 buttons that can be programmed up to 1023 combinations.
- Each key has its own output signal which can be programmed to perform specific movements on the robot is controlled.

Package purchase:
- RC-100B x 1 pc
- Not included: AA battery, IRreceiver, Wireless Modules (Zigbee, Bluetooth)
Weight: 80g
Dimensions: 138mm x 105mm x 36mm
Operating Voltage: 3V (DC)
Power consumption: 0.07W
Battery: Alkaline (LR6) AA Battery x 2
Input Buttons: 11 (Including the power / mode) to 1023 different combinations.
Communication Protocols: IR communication (basic), Zigbee communication (Automatically switches to ZIG-100 upon mounting the device), Bluetooth communication (Automatically switches to BT-100 upon mounting the device)

IR Communication: IR Receiver Oir-10
Zigbee Receiver: ZIG-100 Set (CM-5, CM-2 + Users) ZIG-110A Set (CM-100/510/530/700 User)
Bluetooth Receiver: BT-110A Set, BT-100A + BT-210 Set
Attention: not compatible with the AX-S1