Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Neo RS-232 to RS-485 serial converter

NEO RS-232 TO RS-485 CONVERTER is a serial converter module UART 2 directions which can be used for converter RS-232/RS-485, TTL/RS-232 and TTL/RS-485. This module provides a selection of data direction control on RS-485 interface automatically or manually. This module supports half duplex mode or full duplex RS-485 interface. This module also provides the CTS and RTS pins can be used as flow control on RS-232 interface and TTL.

* Dimension : 7.2 cm (L) x 6 cm (W) x 1.8 cm (H)
* There are 3 options 2-way conversion.
o TTL/RS-232.
o TTL/RS-485.
o RS-232/RS-485.
* Supports 1200-115200 bps baudrate.
* Can be configured as DCE (Data Communication Equipment) or DTE (Data Terminal Equipment).
* In RS-232 interface and the TTL is available pin CTS and RTS to control flow control.
* In RS-485 interface control options are available at the data is automatically or manually via jumper settings.
* Available baudrate range jumper settings for automatic data direction control on RS-485 interface.
* Supports half duplex mode or full duplex RS485 interface.
* There are 2 LED indicator for receiving and sending data and an LED power indicator
* There are 2 pieces RJ-45 connectors for RS-485 bus and an RJ-12 connectors for RS-232 bus
* There is a blue 5 pin terminal for RS-485 bus, making it easier cable installation.
* Needs power supply: 5 VDC.
* Equipped with on-board voltage regulator so it can be connected with 9-12 VDC power supply.
* Available power supply input option via the blue terminals, headers, and RJ-45 connectors.
* Compatible with DT-AVR Low Cost series controllers and other support systems.


* 1 unit of DT-board I / O NEO RS-232 TO RS-485 CONVERTER.
* 1 set of serial cable (p = ± 120 cm).