Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Low Cost Super Microcontroller Trainer

Super Microcontroller Trainer is Professional Version Trainer Board module and designed so complex that a variety of applications can be implemented in it.

- 4Kb Internal Flash Program Memory for AT89S51, optionally can be used for MCU ATMega8515 ATMega8515 to add and change the jumper, optional can be used to ATMega8535 by adding a socket converter, can optionally be used for Renesas R8C by adding DST-Stamp
- Crystal Optional 12 MHz / 8 MHz
- Programming using USB (does not require a computer parallel port)
- 8 Push button
- 8 Dip Switches
- 8 LED
- RS232 Port
- 4 Channel ADC with adjustable VREF
- 1 Channel DAC with adjustable VREF
- 2x16 LCD with backlight
- + battery backup RTC
- Driver for DC Motor, Stepper Bipolar, unipolar Stepper
- 6 Seven segment with two points for the application of a digital clock
- Clock generator using PLL with frequency selection:
* Selector 1, 10 and 100 Hz
* Linear using the VR
- Pulse Generator uses TTL MMV with election timing
* Selector 50uS, 5ms, 50ms
* Linear using the VR
* Voice Amplifier + speakers 0.25W
* Buzzer
* The conditioning signal with zero offset and gain calibration
* Breadboard with 700 holes
* Add on to the printer interface
* Add on to the keyboard interface