Tuesday, March 01, 2011

EMS Ethernet Module

EMS Ethernet Module an ethernet communication interface module with a microcontroller / microprocessor via the SPI interface IC based ENC28J60. This module works on 5V TTL voltage levels. IC ENC28J60 on this module has been integrated with the MAC and 10 Base-T PHY that is equipped with the capability of detection and polarity correction automatically. This module is properly used for embedded web server, an embedded DHCP server and other applications based on Ethernet communication.
* Dimensions: 7.3 cm (L) x 4.0 cm (W) x 1.6 cm (H)
    * Based IC ENC28J60.
o Compatible with IEEE 802.3 Ethernet controller.
o Integrated with MAC & 10 Base-T PHY.
o Available 1 port 10 Base-T is equipped with automatic polarity detection and correction.
o Supports full duplex mode and half duplex.
o Shipping restarted automatically (programmable).
o Calculation of CRC (programmable).
o Rejection of the wrong package automatically (programmable).
SPI Interface with clock frequency up to 20 MHz and 5V TTL level.
* Data transfer speeds up to 10 Mbps Ethernet.
* Data buffer of 8 kbytes for data packets sent or received (shared buffer).
* Supports data packet unicast, multicast or broadcast.
* MAC address can be programmed.
* Equipped with MAG JACK equipped with a transformer and connection status indicators (links & active).
* Available jumpers for selecting the operating mode (full or half duplex).
* Using the SMD components made quite compact dimensions of this module.
* There is an interrupt pin to determine the received data.
* This module can be accessed through a header which is equipped housing so as to minimize wiring errors.
* 5 VDC power supply through a blue 2 pin terminal.
* Compatible with DT-AVR Low Cost series and support the system microprocessor / microcontroller other.

* 1 unit of EMS board ETHERNET MODULE.
* 1 set of LAN cables with cross-over configuration (p = ± 120 cm).
* CD / DVD-ROM that contains a datasheet, the test program, manual and schematic