Wednesday, March 09, 2011

CM-700 by Robotis

CM-700 is a control module type controller with a CP , TTL / RS485 communication circuit and ZIG-110 connector. You cannot control dynamixels or other peripheral devices alone with the CM-700. You will need a SUB board. CM-700 SUB Board is composed of a power department, connector department, switch, and an additional circuit for 5 pin peripheral devices.

H/W Specification

Weight : 37.3g
Controller : ATMega2561
Working Voltage

o Allowed Range : 7V ~ 35V
o Recommended Voltage : Please refer to the above "Power Supply."

Consumed Current

o When IDLE : 40mA
o Exterior I/O Maximum Current : 0.9A
o Overall Maximum Current : 10A (Fuse)

Working Temperature : -5 ~70
Internal I/O Device

o Button : 2 sets (Reset 1, Start 1)
o Temperature Sensor : 1
o Voltage Sensor : 1

External I/O Device

o OLLO Peripheral-Device Compatible 5 pin I/O Port : 6
o 3-Pin Connector for Dynamixel using TTL Communication : 4
o 4-Pin Connector for Dynamixel using RS-485 Communication : 5