Thursday, March 31, 2011

HaViMo2 - Image Processing Module (for Robotis/ Robobuilder)

HaViMo is a computer vision solution for low power microprocessors. It is equipped with a CMOS camera chip and a microcontroller which performs the image processing. The results are then accessed via serial port. In HaViMo2 several features such as frame rate are improved.

In addition to the region growing algorithm available in prior versions, a new algorithm is implemented called Griding. The algorithm is a suitable pre-processing step for many other applicationssuch as object recognition and self localization.

The compatibility area of the module is also extended to more software and hardware platforms. HaViMo2 is compatible with ROBOTIS and RoboBuilder bridges. It can also be integrated in programs developed in Roboplus. Other platforms can also communicate with the module using either half or full-duplex serial protocols.

Havimo 2.0 Camera /Vision Module for Robot
  • Integrated Color CMOS Camera
  • Frame Resolution: 160*120 Pixels
  • Color Depth: 12 bits YCrCb
  • Frame Rate: 19 Fps
  • Full Access to all CMOS Camera registers
  • Color-Based Image Processing
  • Integrated Color Look-up Table
  • On-line Region-growing
  • On-line Griding
  • Raw image output in both calibration and implementation modes
  • Supported Hardware
  • Half Duplex (ROBOTIS)
  • Full Duplex (RoboBuilder)
  • Requirements for other platforms
  • TTL level RS232
  • 115200 BAUD for Full Duplex Mode (RoboBuilder Mode)
  • 1 MBAUD for Half Duplex Mode (ROBOTIS Mode)
  • Supported Software
  • Roboplus (ROBOTIS)
  • Direct C programming (ROBOTIS)
  • RBC firmware
  • Direct C programming (RoboBuilder)