Wednesday, March 09, 2011

CM-510 Bioloid Controller Module by Robotis

The CM510 is the name of the new controler block. The PCB board is similar to the Bioloid Comprehensive CM5 in shape and exposed input buttons. The CM510 board is based on Atmega2561 rather than Atmega128, meaning twice the memory for programs, motions and bootloader. The CM510 plastic container block is smaller than the CM5 block (which contains space for the battery).

The 6 sides of the block expose various interfaces including 6 analog ports. The old CM5 didn't expose any I/O ports of the Atmega128.

H/W Specifications:

* Weight: 51.3g
* CPU: ATMega2561
* Operating Voltage:
1. Tolerance Range: 6.5V ~ 15V
2. Recommended Voltage: 11.1V (Li-PO 3cell)
* Consumed Current
1. When IDL : 50mA
2. Internal I/O Max. Voltage: 0.9A
3. Overall Max. Voltage: 10A (Fuse)
* Operating Temperature: -5C~70C
* External I/O Device
1. Button: 5 pcs (Reset 1, Port 1)
2. MIC (Detetcs sound): 1
3. Temperature Sensor: 1
4. Voltage Sensor: 1
* Internal I/O Device
1. 5 pin I/O Port for OLLO compatible accessories: 6
2. AX Series Dynamixel Connector: 5