Tuesday, March 01, 2011

BootLoader MICRO SYSTEM AT89C51ID2 series

BootLoader MICRO SYSTEM AT89C51XXX is a single-chip microcontroller module AT89C51ID2 equipped with a bootloader so that you no longer need an additional programmer device to perform In-System Programming. In-System Programming can be done via communication channels with the help UART bootloader and software Flexible In-System Programmer (FLIP) from Atmel. This module also provides a UART communication channels for communication with computers or other devices through USB, UART TTL, or RS-232 UART.

* Dimensions : 11 cm (L) x 7.3 cm (W) x 1.7 cm (H).
* Based AT89C51ID2 microcontroller with features:
o Flash memory of 64 kbytes.
o 3 pieces Timer / Counter 16 bit.
o scratch pad RAM 256 bytes.
o 10 interrupt sources.
o Dual data pointers.
o 2-wire interface with a data rate of 400 kbit / s.
o X2 features to increase the speed of microcontroller 2 times (1 machine cycle = 6 clock).
o Low power (2.7 V - 5.5 V).
* This module supports other variants such as IC:
o AT89C51IC2
o AT89C51RD2
o AT89C51RB2
o AT89C51ED2
o AT89C51RC2
o AT89C51RE2
* IC are supported by this module has an internal bootloader, so you are free to replace the IC as desired.
* PLCC IC socket mounted through making it easier for the replacement IC.
* It has 32 channels Input / Output.
* Oscillator frequency of 11.0592 MHz.
* Equipped with a bootloader to assist the process of In-System Programming via the UART.
* The process of using the In-System Programming of Atmel FLIP software assistance.
* The In-System Programming can be done through USB or UART serial RS-232 (via RJ-45).
* No need for device programmers for In-System Programming.
* Equipped with an additional circuit to control the bootloader mode from the FLIP software.
* Available channels UART RS-232 communication via the USB port (via USB to RS-232 on-board) or serial port.
* There is a series reset manually via tactile switches.
* There is an option 6-12 V power supply input (through a voltage regulator on-board) or 3.3-5V (without going through the regulator).
* There is an option outputs a voltage regulator on-board 3.3 V or 5 V.
* Available voltage output terminal in accordance with output options on-board voltage regulator.

* 1 unit board bootloader AT89C51XXX DT-51 MICRO SYSTEM.
* 1 set of mini-USB cable (p = ± 120 cm).
* 1 set of mini USB cable.
* CD / DVD-ROM contains the datasheet, H2U (How to Use), manual, schematics