Sunday, March 27, 2011

Top3100 universal programmer

TOP3100 programmer is of small size, low power consumption, high reliability characteristic, is designed to develop SCM and burning all kinds of storage.
TOP3100 adopts universal serial and USB communication,transmission rate is high. Anti-jamming performance is good, reliable performance is extremely high, and without external power supply, especially suitable the laptop with battery power supply for outside use.
TOP3100 Universal Programmer

All drive 48pin(vpp / VCC/ GND / TTL ) , good and fast for future upgrade.
All parts are put in stanard position(from one direction and position)
 can support 2.5-6.5 V devices,
 can use USB port's power, also can access to 5V external power supply,
 through USB universal SATA interface to connect with PC, the transfer rate is 12MHz/s,
 Suit for notebook that with battery, also suitable for desktop,
 perfect over-current protection, effectively protect programmer and device from damage,
  all pins check, can check out any pin's contact state,
 48 pins, imported universal locking socket, can match any universal adapter.
 Support Operation System:  WINDOWS7 / vista / 2000 / 2003 / xp,
 plastic shell, small, light weight, low power consumption,
 can automatically detect manufacturer and model,
 SCM timing, programming speed has nothing with computer.
Software Supports: more than Top Win ver6.0

Tech Specs:
1.Software:TopWin(for windows98se/2000/m3/xp)
Real test speed(Pl 11 / 800M , windos98se , USB1 . 1):
28F320 +check 104 s
29LF320  +check 112s
P89c58 +check  5s
2.Size: 150 x 110 x 26
3.Weight: 275g
4.Power: < 2.5w (5v/500mA)
5.Locking Socket: 40 Pin,imported high-quality socket(replaceable)