Tuesday, March 08, 2011


USB2Dynamixel is a device used to operate Dynamixel directly from PC.  USB2Dynamixel is connected to USB   ort of PC, and 3P and 4P connectors are installed so that various Dynamixels can be conntected. 

Also, USB2Dynamixel can be used to change from USB   ort to Serial   ort on the PC without serial   port such as notebook computer, etc.  The function is very useful in the cases when the Dynamixel exclusive controllers such as CM-2, CM-2+, CM-5, and CM-510 are connected to USB Port, or when ZIG2Serial is connected to USB   or to control robots wirelessly.

The communication mode can be selected by chaning the switch of USB2Dynamixel as below.

1. TTL Communication : Dynamixels using 3- in ort such as AX Series, AX-S1 etc.
2. RS485 Communication : Dynamixels using 4- in ort such as DX Series, RX Series, EX Series etc.
3. RS232 Communication : Controllers using serial cable such as CM-5, CM-510 etc.