Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Blue-Link Module

Blue-Link Module is a Class 2 Bluetooth module based Bluetron BTR310 which has a range of signals up to 10 m with a profile of SPP340. This module has two interface options can be selected via configuration jumpers is a USB (virtual UART) and TTL UART. This module can function as an initiator (devices that initiate the connection) and Acceptor (devices which accept connections). Power supply modules can be taken from the path of the USB (bus powered) or external power supply (4.8 to 5.2 VDC).

* Dimensions : 10.8 cm (L) x 4 cm (W) x 2.1 cm (H).
* Based Bluetron BTR310 Bluetooth Module with SPP340 profile.
* Can serve as an initiator (devices that initiate the connection) and Acceptor (devices that accept connections).
* Reach the signal up to 10 m.
* Supports TTL UART interface and a USB (virtual UART).
* TTL UART communication parameters are as follows:
o Baudrate 9600 bps, 19,200 bps or 38,400 bps.
o 8 data bits.
o 1 stop bit.
o no parity bit and no flow control.
* Selection of type of interface used by the configuration jumpers.
* Using the AT Command protocol for communication with the host (PC / microcontroller).
* Choose from 8 GPIO lines that can serve as input or output that is controlled via AT Command.
* There is an option via the USB power supply (USB powered) or external power supply (4.8 to 5.2 VDC).
* Selection of power supply source that is used by setting jumpers.
* Line external power supply and TTL UART using blue terminals to facilitate connection with an external circuit.
* Available USB type A connector on-board that can be directly connected to the PC.
* There are 4 LED indicators which function as follows:
o Connected LED: lights up when the module is connected with other modules.
o Reconnect LED: lights up when the connection with other modules disturbed and re-connection attempts.
o LED CONSOLE: lit when the module is to search for other Bluetooth devices (inquiry).
o POWER LED: lights up if the power supply module into a landslide.
* There are descriptions and explanations about AT Command protocol to facilitate the use of modules.
* Available sample test program for use with USB interface and UART TTL.
* Available USB driver for connecting the module to a PC via a USB port.

Supplies Blue-Link:

* 1 unit board SPC Blue-Link (BTR310 module is mounted on the module).
* CD / DVD-ROM containing USB driver, program testing, manual, quick start