Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Graphic LCD 240 x 64

Graphic LCD 240x64 is a module that consists of graphic LCD 240 x 64 pixel LCD with T6963C controller for displaying text and monochrome images. This module allows users to develop applications that require media text and image viewer.

Dimensions: 20.7 cm (L) x 7.3 cm (W) x 3.5 cm (H).
- Able to display a monochrome image with maximum size 240 x 64 pixels.
- Complete font generator capable of displaying text with 2 choices font size is 6 x 8 pixels or 8 x 8 pixels.
- It has a parallel interface that also supports Intel's standard bus system.
- Available courses "ImageViewer2" to convert the *. BMP monochrome images into text data for use in
ASM51 assembly line program. This program can also be used to preview images on the LCD with the help of
DT-51 ™ MinSys / PetraFuz ver 3.x.
- Packed with ready-made routines in ASM51 © and examples of programs in ASM51 ©, BASCOM-8051 ©, and BASCOM-AVR ©.
- Requires 5 Volt DC power supply.

- 1 piece module DT-I / O Graphic LCD 240 x 64.
- 1 sheet quick start.
- 1 piece CD contains a manual, sample applications, datasheet, etc..