Wednesday, March 09, 2011

CM-5 bioloid Controller module by Robotis

The CM-5 module is the nerve center of the Bioloid robotics system. It is designed to store and execute programs for controlling robots that use the AX series Dynamixels (AX-12+ smart serial actuator and AX-S1 Sensor Module). Based around Atmel's powerful and versatile Atmega128 microcontroller, its features include four Dynamixel serial ports, programmable control buttons, and status LED's (including one auxiliary programmable led). The controller board is housed in a sturdy plastic shell, which fits into a composite frame with over 100 screw holes for attaching additional hardware.

The CM-5 module can be upgraded for wireless operation by installing a Zig-100 wireless module. With the Zig2Serial adapter, you can control your Bioloid from your computer. Install Zig-100 modules in two CM-5's, and your robots can exchange data. You can even use one CM-5 as a remote to control another.

This controller does not come with a battery or cables, but these accessories and many more can be found in our Bioloid System category.