Monday, March 28, 2011

8 Channel GSM Remote Switch

8 Channel GSM Remote Switch is ready to use electronic module that consist GSM module, 8 solid state opto-isolated relay modules and the main board. The Opto-isolated Relay Swicth controlled manually by input button, scheduled built in RTC (Real Time Clock) and or Short Message Service via GSM Network/ Cell Phone.

Technical Spec:
- 8 Port Relay Solid State 220V with opto isolated output
- Manual Input button
- 1 port ADC input
- UART Port at TTL level
- RS232 Cable
- onchip RTC (Real Time Clock)
- GSM Modem (Module)
- GSM External Antenna add on
- Built in integrated onboard regulator 9 - 24VDC
- ISP Port
- 5 sequence schedule for relay control, daily , weekly

Kit Includes:
- Board electronic Module
- GSM Antenna
- User Manual
- CD Software consist of:
- Protocol Data &  AT Command
- Dump terminal software

**GSM SIM not include