Friday, October 26, 2012

4 Watt 2.4 GHz Indoor 802.11b/g/n WiFi Amplifier (HA2404GTI-NF)

HyperLink GTI series are high power indoor RF amplifiers for 2.4 GHz spread spectrum wireless LANs. High power and excellent linearity make it the highest performance wireless LAN amplifiers available today. These WiFi amplifiers are compatible with 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN equipment. Hyperlink's APC (Active Power Control) circuit automatically adjusts the amplifier's gain to provide a constant output power regardless of cable length. Consisting of a receive amplifier and a transmit power amplifier, the GTI series installs indoors near the radio itself, combining ease of installation with significant improvement in operating range and performance.

The "GTI" series WiFi amplifiers increase range by providing transmit gain as well as 17 dB nominal of receive gain. This receive gain actually increases the receive sensitivity of most wireless LAN radios. This unit can be confiActive Power Control
N-Female Connectors
12VDC Power Supply Included

This Hyperlink bi-directional amplifier is designed for burst half-duplex operation. It is not intended for constant transmit or CW operation. Operation of the amplifier in CW mode will damage the amplifier and void the warranty. For additional information and complete specifications, click on data sheet link below.