Tuesday, October 02, 2012

RF 433MHz Transceiver Shield

EMS RF Transceiver Shield is an Arduino ™ compatible module that can be used for wireless data transmission. EMS Shield RF Transceiver is designed as an add-on module for the DT-AVR Inoduino. The installation process can be done easily without having to use jumper cables. DT-AVR Inoduino addition, with respect to the allocation pinout, this module can be used with an Arduino board Arduino ™ ™ or other compatible.

EMS Shield RF Transceiver designed based RFM12S 433MHz RF modules, wireless communication module with the 433 MHz frequency and distance of communication that reaches 150 meters. RFM12S 433MHz using the SPI interface to pengaksesannya by various controller modules. EMS RF Transceiver Shield suitable for use in remote control applications, telemetry systems, or other applications where cable installation is difficult to do.


  • Based RFM12S 433MHz RF modules.
  • Working voltage: 5 VDC.
  • Working frequency: 433 MHz.
  • Communication distances> 150 meters (receiver bandwidth = 67 kHz, transmitter freq. Deviation = 45 kHz, data rate@1.2 kbps, in an open area.).
  • Data transmission speed: up to 115.2 kbps.
  • Interface: SPI.
  • Has 4 optional pin that can be connected to pin 32, 33, 37, 38 on board Inoduino DT-AVR, Arduino ™, or other Arduino ™ compatible support.
  • Integrated with connectors to connect antenna (antenna 433 MHz include in the sales package).
  • Antenna pad is provided to connect the antenna designed by the user.
  • Equipped with EMI filter to reduce electromagnetic interference interference.
  • It has a low current consumption (standby, <0 .3=".3" li="li" ua="ua">
  • There are examples of applications using RF Transceiver Shield EMS to control robot tanks.
  • Dimensions: 8 cm x 5.3 cm  x 2.1 cm