Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Simple and Low cost dataflash memory module

EMS dataflash memory is non-volatile memory module (flash) which has a capacity of 4,325,376 bits (2048 page x 264 bytes x 8 bits). This module has a SPI interface and can be used to store various types of digital data. An example application is the storage of data on the application datalogger.


  • Based AT45DB041B which has 2 x 264 Byte SRAM and 528k Bytes (2048 x 264 byte) flash memory.
  • SRAM can receive data while flash memory is being written.
  • It has a SPI interface.
  • Input / output pins are compatible with 5V TTL voltage levels.
  • Works with +5 V DC power supply, is equipped with a regulator and level converter.
  • Using aluminum capacitors and resistors SMD.
  • 10 pin connector for connection to other modules (eg microcontroller), according to the port I / O DT-51 and DT-AVR Low Cost series.
  • Supports DT-51 and DT-AVR Low Cost series, as well as the system microcontroller / microprocessor other.
  • There are examples of using CodeVisionAVR © program for AVR microcontroller family.
  • Dimensions: 4.1 cm x 4.1 cm  x 1.2 cm