Thursday, October 25, 2012

OLLO Geared Motor OGM-10A

Ollo Geared Motor OGM-10A is one of the driving actuator for robot kit Ollo. Ollo Geared Motor OGM-10A is compatible for use with the CM-100 controller. The process of controlling the speed of rotation, the direction of motor rotation clockwise or anti clockwise can be controlled via the control port. For ease of use, Ollo Geared Motor OGM-10A can be used with Ollo Power Switch OPS-10 and Ollo Battery Box OBB-10A.


  • Working voltage: 1.5 - 3.0VDC.
  • Comparisons gear: 60: 1.
  • Rotation speed: 112rpm (@ 1.5V), 158rpm (@ 3.0V).
  • Dimensions: 18mm x 36mm x 24mm.
  • Fully compatible with: CM-100, Ollo Power Switch OPS-10, Ollo Battery Box OBB-10A.