Thursday, October 04, 2012

Low Cost YAW Gyroscope Sensor module

DT-Sense Yaw Gyroscope is an angular velocity sensor module (gyroscope) working on the Z axis or the axis of the IC ADXRS300 Yaw. The module has output voltage references, voltage angular velocity, and voltage internal temperature sensor IC. Example applications of this module include the measurement of the amount of inertia, platform stabilization, stabilization of a humanoid robot, and other applications that require the measurement of the angular velocity on the axis or Z axis Yaw

  • Requires a 5 VDC power supply is working.
  • Produces output voltage proportional to the angular velocity is given.
  • Has an output of IC internal temperature and output voltage reference of 2.5 V.
  • If the module is then rotated clockwise angular velocity voltage value will be greater than 2.5 V.
  • Conversely, when rotated counterclockwise angular velocity then the value of the voltage will be less than 2.5 V.
  • Able to withstand vibration or acceleration up to 2000g.
  • Able to perform in a variety of frequency vibration filtration.
  • Rate absolute output for precision applications.
  • It has a small form and practical making it suitable for use in a variety of user applications.
  • Dimensions: 2.0 cm  x 1.8 cm  x 1.3 cm