Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Low Cost Alcohol sensor module

DT-SENSE ALCOHOL SENSOR gas sensor module is suitable for the process of determining the alcohol contained in the air. Hardware design module has been designed with the aim to facilitate the use and implementation of sensor MQ-3, which is the sensor for the detection of alcohol with a range of 0.05 mg / L - 10 mg / L. This module is suitable for use in applications such as the breathalyzer, driving security systems, alarms, or other similar applications.

DT-SENSE ALCOHOL SENSOR designed using high quality SMD components to be used in applications that require reliable performance and minimal space requirements. At the interface, there are two choices for the user that the TTL UART baud rate of 38,400 bps or I2C that allows modules to be cascaded up to 8 pieces.


  • Working voltage: 5 VDC. 
  • Target gas: alcohol. 
  • Range detection: 0.05 mg / L - 10 mg / L. 
  • Interface: 
  • UART TTL: 38 400 bps, 8-bit data, 1-stop bit, no parity, no flow control. 
  • I2C: can be cascaded up to 8 pieces of modules in a single communication line. 
  • Using a 10-bit ADC to convert analog data from the sensor. 
  • Has an output in the form of digital data with a value of 0-1023 (ADC conversion result). 
  • There is 1 piece variable resistor for setting the threshold value manually. 
  • Provided some jumpers for I2C pull-up configuration, the load resistor and variable resistor threshold. 
  • It has a remote control feature on / off with two working modes and choices of hysterisis window. 
  • Pin I / O voltage levels are compatible with TTL and CMOS. 
  • It features 2 LED indicators. 
  • Equipped with a series of EMI filters to reduce electromagnetic interference. 
  • Compatible with gas sensors: 
  • MQ-3 (alcohol). 
  • MQ-4 (methane). 
  • MQ-6 (LPG). 
  • MQ-7 (carbon monoxide). 
  • MQ-135 (air quality). 
  • MG-811 (carbon dioxide). 
  • Dimensions: 5.6 cm x 4 cm  x 2.8 cm