Friday, October 26, 2012

Bioloid GP Kit

Bioloid GP Kit is a humanoid robot kits that have been optimized for different types of robot competitions. Bioloid GP Kit is equipped with actuators which have high torque, communication devices, sensors, and frame of aluminum a sweat yet powerful. Bioloid GP Kit can be formed into a humanoid robot with 16 degrees of freedom (16 DOF). Bioloid GP Kit also comes with a gripper to pick up an object, Kung-Fu movement, attack, and dribble-purpose robot soccer competition.

  • Using the CM-510 controller ATmega2561 based. 
  • Using actuators: 
  •  -- 8 AX-12A with torque capacity up to 15 
  •  --10 AX-18A with torque capacity up to 18 
  • Equipped with gyro sensor (2 axis) and distance sensors DMS (Distance Measurement Sensor). 
  • Equipped with remote controller RC-100Z consisting of remote controller RC-100 and ZIG-110 to control the robot wirelessly. 
  • USB2Dynamixel that can be used to connect the CM-510 to a computer's USB port. 
  • A set of polished aluminum frames are lightweight yet strong enough to build a robot body. 
  • Equipped with 1 set of gripper for certain applications such as taking an object. 
  • Humanoid robots can do Kung-Fu move, attack, or dribble. 
  • Rechargeable batteries (11.1V Li-Po, 1000 mA / PCM) as the robot power supply. 
  • SMPS (12V, 5A) for external power supply and battery charging. 
  • Equipped with some tools like wrenches, screwdrivers, and a cable holder. 
  • Balance battery charger to help the process of charging the battery. 
  • Equipped with a suitcase made from aluminum, making it easier to keep robots and equipment. 
  • Equipped RoboPlus software for robot programming. 
  • The process is a serial programmer using the included serial cable. 
  • Equipped with the Assembly Manual (Quick Start) to assemble Humanoid robot with 16 degrees of freedom (16 DOF). 
  • Bioloid GP Kit height: 346 mm (13.6 inch). 
  • Robot Weight: 1.6 kg (56.43 oz). 

Bioloid GP Supplies Kit: 
  1. 1 Bioloid CM-510 MCU (Atmel ATMega128) controller. 
  2. 8 Dynamixel AX-12A serially controlled servos. 
  3. 10 Dynamixel AX-18A serially controlled servos. 
  4. 1 gyro sensor (2 axis) GS-12. 
  5. 1 sensor distance DMS (Distance Measuremnent Sensor). 
  6. 1 remote controller RC-100z (RC-100 + 1 set ZIG-110). 
  7. 1 LED holder. 
  8. 1 Rechargeable Li-Po battery (11.1V/1000 mA). 
  9. 1 CD software RoboPlus. 
  10. 1 Switch Mode Power Supply (12V/5A) and balanced battery charger. 
  11. 1 Serial cable BSC-10 (9pin D-type). 
  12. 1 set of wires. 
  13. 1 set of tools such as bolts, nuts, screws, rivet, and wrenches. 
  14. 1 pcs rivet box. 
  15. 1 Bioloid GP Aluminum Frame Set. 
  16. Quick Start Manual. 
  17. 1 suitcase made from aluminum.
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