Thursday, October 04, 2012

Low Cost 3 Axis Compass module

DT-Sense 3 Axis Compass is a module that uses a magnetic field sensor IC HMC5883L from Honeywell. IC HMC5883L designed so suitable for use in applications magnetic field readings, a direction and magnetometry. Examples of applications of the sensor module, among others, to sensors on smartphones, netbooks, auto navigation systems, and other applications that require the measurement of the magnetic field. Has provided an example program with microcontroller interface in the DVD package purchases that can be developed according to the user's application.


  • Requires 3.3 VDC power supply with low current consumption (up to 100 uA).
  • It has a magnetic sensor types magnetoresistif 3 axis.
  • Has a range of magnetic field readings up to ± 8 Gauss with a resolution of 5 miligauss.
  • It has a compass accuracy to 1 º to 2 º.
  • Maximum output speed data rates up to 160 Hz (Single Measurement Mode).
  • Maximum output speed of 0.75 Hz Data s.d. 75 Hz (Continuous Measurement Mode).
  • Using the I2C interface which can be connected with various microcontroller system.
  • Module has dimensions small and compact so easily placed in a variety of applications.
  • Dimensions: 2 cm  x 1.8 cm  x 1.9 cm