Thursday, October 25, 2012

OLLO IR Sensor OIS-10

Ollo IR Sensor OIS-10 is an infrared sensor module that can be used on a robot kit Ollo to perform object detection or color. The sensor is designed in compact dimensions and comes with an analog voltage interface that will facilitate the process of reading the data by the controller module. Ollo IR Sensor OIS-10 is not suitable for measuring the distance of an object.


  • Interface: Analog Voltage.
  • Can be applied as detection of the presence of an object or the color of an object.
  • Object color and the environment will affect the sensor output data.
  • Working voltage: 3.3VDC.
  • Dimensions: 24mm x 18mm x 12mm.
  • Fully compatible with the controller: CM-100, CM-510.