Monday, October 01, 2012

Robot Line Tracking Shield

DT-Line Tracking Robot Shield is a shield / add-on module for DT-AVR Arduino ™ Inoduino or other modules in order to be a line tracking robot kits are agile and reliable. Shield is already integrated with the line sensor and motor driver that can be freely controlled by the controller. The movement of the robot kit is powered by 2 pieces of aluminum wheels are directly connected to the motor gearbox.
Use of this shield is easy, simply by combining DT-Line Tracking Robot Shield with DT-AVR module Inoduino, the line tracking robot kit is ready for use.

Shield comes with 2 pieces of phototransistor SFH300 pantualan that serves as a detector of light from LED 1 piece. In the kitchen runway, used dual full H-Bridge motor driver TB6612FNG with fitted gearbox made ​​of metal. While both legs, using 2.4 cm diameter aluminum wheels are wrapped with a layer of quality red rubber.


  • Using two-Silizium-sensor NPN phototransistors (SFH 300) as receiver of a red LED light.
  • Based dual full H-bridge driver capable TB6612FNG continuous drain current up to 1.2 A of each driver.
  • Using the form of two drive motors with gear box made ​​of metal and aluminum wheels with a diameter of 2.4 cm.
  • The module requires a working voltage of 5 VDC obtained from the board Arduino ™.
  • Motor requires external working voltage of 5 VDC.
  • Have some pad that can be used for laying the connector or a simple circuit.
  • There are holes for easy access reset button board Arduino ™.
  • Equipped with the L key to help install the wheels.
  • Supplied LineTracking.pde demo program contains algorithms line tracking application.
  • The configuration process can be done easily using a GUI program help Inoduino LT-bot.exe.
  • Dimensions: 12 cm x 5.3 cm  x 5.2 cm