Thursday, October 04, 2012

Low Cost OmniMic sensor module

DT-Sense sensor module OmniMic is a sound / microphone that uses Analog Device IC production ADMP421. ADMP421 digital IC is an omni-directional microphone MEMS affordable and small power consumption. IC consists of a MEMS microphone element, output amplifier and sigma-delta modulator fourth level. This module has a digital communication path that allows the output PDM (Pulse Density Modulated) of 2 pieces based ADMP421 microphone can be accessed by only 2 pieces pin microcontroller, which is the fruit of a single data path and clock lines only. This module also has a SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) and senstivitas high so it can be applied in many fields. Low current consumption and the availability sleep mode that uses the battery as a power source.
Has provided an example program with microcontroller interface in the DVD package purchases that can be developed according to the user's application.

  • Requires 3.3 VDC power supply is working.
  • It has a signal to noise ratio specification is high, ± 61 dBA.
  • Has high sensitivity is -26 dBFS sekitas.
  • Flat frequency response from 100 Hz to 15 kHz.
  • Current consumption is very low, ie <650 li="li" ua.="ua.">
  • Having features sleep mode to prolong battery life (when using the battery as a voltage source).
  • Value PSR (Power Supply Rejection) is high, which is about 80 dBFS.
  • Sigma-Delta Modulator fourth level.
  • Having a digital data output PDM (Pulse Density Modulated)
  • It has a small form and practical making it suitable for use in a variety of user applications.
  • Dimensions: 1.5 cm x 1.3 cm  x 1.2 cm