Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sanyo eneloop usb charger

MDU01 USB-Charger

No more worries about the line-plug and line voltage any more. The MDU01 is a very small and light charger with a USB-connector to be used with your PC or laptop.

MDU01 with 2 AA / 2 AAA eneloops
Model NameMDU01-E-2-3UTGB /
MDU01-E-2-4UTGBIncludesUSB-cable, 1 LEDCharging ControlIndividual Cell Charging Control
through Peak Voltage DetectionTimer & Temperature ControlyesDry Cell Charge ProtectionyesCharging Possibilities1 or 2 rechargeable AA or AAA Ni-MH batteriesUniversal Voltage Power SupplyCharging via USBInputDC 5V 0.5A (max)Output
DC 1.2V: 1 x AA/AAA: 850mA
DC 1.2V: 2 x AA/AAA: 450mA
Approx. charging time for eneloop
1 x AA: 140 min, 2 x AA: 280 min
1 x AAA: 60 min, 2 x AAA: 120 min
Size & Weight:47 x 93 x 17.5 mm, approx. 48 g