Sunday, June 30, 2013

AVR AT90USB162 Neo Low Cost Nano System

Neo Low Cost Nano System With AVR AT90USB162 the latest generation of the product Low Cost Nano System. Neo Low Cost Nano System does not use DIP IC packaging ATTiny2313 like before, but using AT90USB162 with a 32-pin TQFP package. With IC-based AT90USB162 make this module have a USB interface that can be used for data communication to PC or charging program code.

This module no longer require additional longer external programmer for loading program code into  AT90USB162. Only by using FLIP software on the PC and a micro USB cable, then the program on your PC can be directly entered (downloaded) into the microcontroller. The process of downloading the program code through the USB port can only be done during the bootloader program by default is in the AT90USB162.. If the missing bootloader program then can ask for the code to the bootloader program ATMEL directly and then loaded into the AT90USB162 through ISP PORT by using external device programmer.

The Neo Low Cost Nano System can work in the voltage level of 3.3 VDC or 5VDC (selected jumper). With the addition of 3.3 VDC voltage level features then this module can easily communicate with the sensor module or IC that has a voltage of 3.3 VDC level without the need to use shifter level or level converter.


  • AT90USB162 based.
  • 16KB flash memory (4KB for the bootloader), 512 Byte EEPROM, 512 Byte SRAM.
  • Has 21 channels of I / O.
  • Has a mini USB port for charging or data communication lines of program code.
  • Using external 4MHz crystal.
  • Has a SPI interface, UART TTL and USB.
  • Available internal voltage regulator 3.3 VDC and 5VDC 800mA.
  • Requires a 3.3 VDC power supply input - 5.5 VDC (without going through the internal regulator) or 6.5 VDC - 12VDC (via internal regulator)
  • Dimension: 6.5 cm  x 4.2 cm  x 2 cm