Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sanyo Eneloop Universal Charger

TGU01 Universal Charger

This universal charger can charge Ni-MH batteries of the size AA, AAA, C and D. The microprocessor controlled overcharge allows each of the 8 charging slots to get individually controlled.

TGU01 Universal Charger (no batteries included)
Model NameTGU01
Charge IndicatorIndividual Cell Charging Control with 8 LEDs
Timer & Temperature Controlyes
Dry Cell Charge Protectionyes
Charging Possibilities1-4C/D sized Ni-MH batteries
1-8 AA/AAA sized Ni-MH batteries
Universal Voltage Power Supplyyes
InputAdaptor: AC 100-240V ~, 50-60Hz, 0.4A, Charger: 5.5V DC, 3A
DC 1.2V: 4 x D/C: 784mA
DC 1.2V: 4 x AA/AAA: 560mA,
8 x AA/AAA: 280mA
Approx. charging time
Per charging slot: 1 x AA: 240 min,
2 x AA: 480 min
1 x AAA: 90 min, 2 x AAA: 180 min
Size & Weight
188 x 170 x 51 mm, approx.
480 g (without adaptor)