Sunday, June 30, 2013

EMS Blue Shield

EMS Blue Shield is add-on/Shield module for  Arduino / Arduino Compatible. This module serves as a Bluetooth module for Arduino microcontroller module. By using this module Arduino modules can be easily connected to a bluetooth network using only the TTL UART interface.

Bluetooth module used in this shield is a series BTM230 bluetooth module included in class 1. Bluetooth class 1 module has a power output of around 100mW (17dBm typical). EMS Blue Shield is equipped with a Bluetooth module SPP (Serial Port Profile), so bluetooth module can only be used to send serial data (not transfer files or audio that is in Mobile / PC in general).

EMS Shield Bluetooth connection has pin layout compatible with Arduino module so that the module can be used on various types of Arduino: Arduino UNO, Arduino Mega, Arduino Leonardo. or Arduino Compatible, such as: Inoduino, Leoduino, Unoduino, Maxiduino  


  • Based BTM230 with SPP profile.
  • 100mBm output power (17dBm typical).
  • Has a TTL UART interface.
  • Using AT Command for settings / configuration.
  • There are examples of applications with the use of DT-AVR module Inoduino with 15m distance range.
  • Working at the level of 3.3 VDC or 5VDC voltage.
  • Has a pin layout that suits Arduino or Arduino Compatible modules.
  • Dimensions: 5.45 cm  x 5.4 cm x 2 cm