Tuesday, June 18, 2013

40mHz to 20MHz DDS function Generator ATF-20b

40mHz to 20MHz DDS function Generator ATF-20b

Function generator uses Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)technology. Its outstanding performance and system features make it a perfect solution for your testing requirement. The simplified and optimized design of the front panel and dual-language (English/Chinese)TFT display interface make your testing much easier for operation and observation. Additionally, the extendable optional functions can also improve your system characteristics.

Function generator that features programmable interface via interface USB / RS-232 making it possible to manage / control ATF20D through a PC.

- Power supply: 220VAC
- Power <= 45W
- Using DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) technology.
- Display: TFT display (english and chinese)
- Resolution frequency: 40 mHz
- Sample rate: 180MSa / s
- It has a 2-channel function generator output
- I channel frequency Range: 2 kHz - 20MHz
- Ability to generate sine and square shape of the signal
- Features channel I: Offset, Sweep, Frequency modulation, amplitude modulation, Shift keying.
- Range II frequency channel: 10MHz - 20MHz
- Able to produce 32 types of signal shape (channel2)
- Features channel I: Amplitude modulation, Harmonic, Burst, TTL output.
- Settings can control through a PC using the USB interface / RS-232.
- Sales Package: DSS ATF20D, power cable, cable ext (BNC Connector), USB AB cable, probe (alligator clips), CD program, Manual book.

● Direct Digital Synthesis(DDS) technology, 2 independent output channels
● 3.5-inch TFT LCD display
● High Frequency Resolution: full-range resolution is 40 MHz
● Store 40 sets of the user parameters and recall
● 32 kinds of standard or build-in fixed waveforms
  ● Minimum stable output waveform: 1mV(50)
  ● Multiple modulation functions: FM, FSK, ASK, PSK
  ● Frequency sweep, amplitude sweep and burst functions
  ● Count the frequency, period, amplitude RMS value or peak-to-peak value
  ● Over-voltage, over-current, output short-circuit and reverse voltage protections
  ● High reliability: use VLSI components and surface mount technology
  ● Power Amplifier: optional part, maximum output power up to 7W    
  ● Optional configurations: RS232 interface, Frequency Counter, Power Amplifier