Tuesday, June 18, 2013

AT858D+ Hot air Rework Station

AT858D+ Hot air Rework Station


1.Closed-loop sensors; Zero-crossing triggering temperature control of microcomputer; LED display; high power; rapid rise of temperature; temperature high and stable; not affected by the amount of air to achieve the goal of unsoldering without lead.
2.The amount of air flow can be modulated; large and soft air flow; it is convenient to modulatetemperature; it is suitable for many purposes.
3.There is a conductive switch on the handle; only if you hold the handle, the system can enter the working mode rapidly; while the handle is put on the shelf, it will enter the waiting state; easy to operate.
4.There is no automatic cooling function, which can extend the lifespan of the heating element and protect the hot air rework station.
5.Plastic shell; cabinet; good-looking; it occupies little space.
6.It adopts the brushness fan, which has a long life span and little noise.
7.Blowing plastic components won't be deformed. Such as buzzer and external interface of mobile phone.
8.Blowing shielding box will not make it discolor.
9.Blowing PCB will not make it blister
10.Safely remove BAG-IC, keep pins intact. Much more safe and reliable.

3.lab of scientific research

Technical Parameters
  • Model :AT858D+
  • voltage : AC220V/50Hz
  • Power consumption  :700W
  • Type of air pump :Gentle wind of brushless fan
  • Gas flow : 120L/min(MAX)
  • Temperature range :100-450℃
  • Length of handle(including the wire) :1.2CM
  • Size : 151(L)*100(W)*153(H)mm
  • Weight :About 1.5KG
  • noise :<40db li="">

1.Soldering and de-soldering the most of the SMD component, such as SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BAG and so on.
2.De-solder different shielding boxes or shielding covers conveniently. Make heat shrinkage for the heat-shrink tube and the PVC tube.
3.Warm-up the mini-type metal and the mechanism, relax firm components.
4.It can be used for the lapped soldering for the PVC paint and the composition cloth, and the soldering of the bitumen for the roof. And use the high temperature to do disinfection works for animal cages
5.Make the PVC, PS, high temperature plastic and the wood formed.
6.Make the thaw for the ice, conduit pipe and mechanism.
7.Make the paint, the strainer and the glue water heating dry.
8.For all the heating without fire.

1.Before using the hot air rework station, you must abide by the following measures in order not to get an electric shock, result in damages to people or result in fire, etc.
2.In order to secure the safety of people, you must use the parts or accessories that the factory of origin certificates or recommends; or it will lead to serious aftermaths.
3.This rework station must be repaired by qulified technicians or the appointed person by us.
4.Be careful, for it is operated at a high temperature. Don't use it near flammable and explosivegas and objects, for the tip and the air from it are steaming-hot, which can burn people. Don't touch the heating element or spray the hot air against people.
5.When the hot air rework station starts to work, don't leave from your post.
6.Keep away from children.
7.When it starts to work, don't install the nozzle until the heating pipe and nozzle are cooled.
8.Please keep the draughts of input and output expedite; there should be no block.
9.After using it, remember to cool the machine. You should put the handle on the shelf. When the machine is in the waiting state, you can make the power off.
10.If you don't use it for a long time, you should put the connector plug off.