Tuesday, June 18, 2013

AT1645 3MHz DDS function generator

This series uses the latest Direct Digital synthesis (DDS) technology to generate stable, high resolution output frequency. The DDS technology solves  several problems encountered in traditional function generators like the Temperature change inside the generator greatly affects the components characteristics which lead to output frequency change. The results are poor accuracy and stability etc.
                                                                                                                                                                     AT 1645 is the ideal equipment of electronic engineers, laboratories, production lines and the teaching and research labs.
Weight   About 1.5kg


  • High performance
  • High resolution using DDS technology
  • High frequency accuracy :  ±20ppm
  • Low distortion: <0 .6="" li="" nbsp="">
  • High resolution: 100 MHz


  • Digital user interface with 6-digit LED display 
  • Various output waveforms: Sine, Square and Triangle 
  • TTL/CMOS output
  • Amplitude control 
  • -40dB attenuation 
  • Duty control 
  • Variable DC level control 
  • Output On/Off control
  • Voltage display
  • Output Power 
  • Counter 


  • Frequency output
  • TTL/CMOS Output