Friday, June 28, 2013

Relay Board Ver 2.0 - 0506

Relay Board Ver 2.0 - 0506 is a relay module is equipped ULN2803A Darlington Array as a current amplifier. Compatible with any control systems.

- 8 Relay output (SPDT), with a coil voltage of 5V, and  contact rating 6A at 250VAC.
- Terminal Common (COM), Normally Open (NO), and Normally Close (NC) for each relay.
- Equipped with a filter to reduce noise.
- Input TTL and CMOS compatible.
- Using ULN2803A as a current amplifier equipped supression diode (built-in) to prevent kickback current.
- Optional Metallic Oxide Varistor as a transient shock to prolong contact life and suppress radio frequency inteference.
- Equipment: 1 piece DT-I / O Relay Board Ver 2.0 - 0506 and 1 sheet manual.