Thursday, September 15, 2016

LS20031 5Hz 66 Channel GPS Receiver

LS20031 is a GPS receiver module with high accuracy but still lower power consumption. GPS module is powered by Mediatek MT3339 CPU and is capable of tracking up to 66 GPS satellites.
Thanks to the reliability of accuracy, so that the GPS module is ideal when embedded in the vehicle's navigation system.

  • Power supply 3.3V @ 41 mA
  • Working frequency 1575.42MHz
  • Controller Mediatek MT3339
  • Positioning accuracy 3 m (autonomous), 2.5 m (SBAS)
  • Accuracy speed of 0.1 m / s
  • Number of satellite reception of 66 satellites
  • Hot start 1 sec
  • Cold start 32 seconds (without AGPS), 15 seconds (with AGPS)
  • Interface TTL serial interface
  • Antenna (internal / external) external