Thursday, September 22, 2016

Xiaomi Smart Home Suite Kit

Xiaomi Smart Home Kit is a smart home-made kit that comes with Xiaomi Xiaomi Gateway, Xiaomi Wireless Switch, Human Sensor and Door Sensor Set.
With this tool you can control your home wirelessly through Wi-Fi connectivity and this tool will provide notification to your smartphone in real time.

- Xiaomi gateway: Serves as smart home control center, as a light sleeper, and as a speaker alarm when the door sensor or motion sensors on the trigger.
- Human sensor: This sensor serves as a detector if there are people or animals peliharan entering the room. The sensor works based on body temperature emitted by humans / animals.
- Xiaomi wireless switch: Functioning as a trigger action in accordance with the previously set at the gateway.
- Door Sensor Set: This sensor serves as a detector of the open or closed position of a door.