Thursday, September 15, 2016

7 Channel Line Sensor

Line detection sensor that comes with 7 pieces of ultra bright LEDs (red) and 7 pieces of photo transistors. This sensor serves to detect a black line on a white surface or a white line on the black surface. The sensor is able to detect a straight line, curved or zig-zag.
This sensor is perfect when applied to robot Tracer Line / Line Follower.

- Supply voltage: 5V
- Current supply: 140mA
- Output sensor: 0.18V - 2.2V
- Illumination: ultra bright LEDs (Red)
- The main Sensor: Photo transistor with line of sight up to 5 degrees
- Proximity sensor: 9mm - 20mm from the surface
- Number of sensors: 7 pieces
- The distance between sensors: 18mm
- Connectors: 20 pin connector male FRC
- Compatibility: Robot line tracer / line follower