Monday, September 19, 2016

Protek 6510 100MHz Oscilloscope

100 MHz 2Ch. Dual Time Base with Alt Mag.

  • Four traces may be simultaneously displayed in ALT-sweep 
  • Five vertical display modes: CH1, CH2, Dual, Add, Subtract 
  • Vertical mode triggering for displaying 2 unrelated signals 
  • Trigger hold-off circuit for synchronizing complex waveforms 
  • Sweep speeds to 2nS/Div 
  • 12kV acceleration voltage for bright displays of low duty cycle signals 
  • Z axis input 
  • TV Synchronization for either line or field patterns 
  • 20MHz bandwidth limit switch for triggering signals in a noisy environment 


Vertical Amplifier (CH 1 and CH 2)
Sensitivity5 mV/Div to 5 V/Div in 7 calibrated steps, (X5 Mag 1mV/Div to 1 V/Div)
Accuracy±3% (±5% in X5 Mag)
Bandwidth (-3dB)DC to 100MHz
Rise Time£ 3.5 ns, X5 Mag: 20MHz Bandwidth: £ 17 ns
Input Impedance1MW + 25 pF
Input CouplingAC-Gnd-DC
Invert ChannelCH2
Display ModesCH1, CH2, Add, Subtract, Dual (Alt/Chop)
Maximum Input Voltage400V (DC or AC peak)
CH1 Signal Output20mV into 50W
Horizontal Sweep
Timebase A - Sweep Time50ns/Div to 0.2 s/Div in 21 calibrated steps (1-2-5)
Timebase A - X10 Mag5ns/Div to 20ms/Div
Timebase A - Accuracy±3% (± 5% in X10 Mag)
Timebase A - Hold OffContinuously adjustable to > 2X sweep time
Timebase B - Sweep Time50ns/Div to 10µs/Div in 8 steps (1-2-5)
Timebase B - Accuracy±3%
Timebase B - Delay TimeContinuously variable from 0.2µs to 2s
Timebase B - Delay ModesContinuous or triggered
Timebase B - Sweep DisplaysA, B, A alt B, B triggered, X-Y
X-Y Mode
CH1-X axis, CH2-Y axis SensitivitySame as CH1 vertical amplifier
Bandwidth (X-axis)DC to 2MHz
Phase Error£ 3° DC to 10kHz
Trigger ModesAuto, Normal, TV-V, TV-L
SourceInt. CH2, line ext.
SlopePositive or negative
Trigger SensitivityInt (DC to 10MHz): 0.5 Div
Int (10MHz to 100MHz): 1.5 Div
Ext (DC to 10MHz): 200mV
Ext (10MHz to 100MHz): 500mV
TV (Int):1 Div Min
TV (Ext): 1V P-P
External Trigger InputImpedance: 1MW + 20 pF
Maximum Input Volts: 400V DC or AC peak
Z Axis Modulation
Sensitivity±5V P-P Intensity increases with a negative going voltage input
Bandwidth (-3dB)DC to 2MHz
Input ImpedanceApprox. 2 KW
Calibrator Signal
Voltage0.5V ±3% P-P 1kHz Square Wave
Duty CycleApprox. 50%
Type6" rectangular CRT with internal graticule. (1 Div = 1cm)
Acceleration Voltage12 kV
General Specification
Power RequirementsAC Input Voltage: 100V, 120V, 220V, 240V selectable
Power Consumption55W
Operating Temperature0 to 40°C at 35% to 85% relative humidity
DIMensions5.25" H × 12.67"W × 14.5" D
Weight24 lbs.
Supplied AccessoriesManual, 1 AC Power cord, (2) X10 Probes