Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Q3 Standalone Access Control/Reader

Q3 Standalone Access Controller specially designed for RFID-based access control system that is cost-effective. This product is equipped with buzzer function convenient for the guests, and can also be used as a controller or reader according to customer requirements.

> Use RFID (EM 125KHz) to open door, fashion, security and reliability. 
> Can be used as controller and reader, freely switch, easily operate.
> Clear and beautiful luminous keypad, convenient for user to enter password & 
   open door.  
> With door bell button, convenient for visitor.
> 500 pcs user capacity, suit for office, villa and household use etc.
> Wiring is very simple; can be done by users without professional knowledge; 
   can be connected with various electric lock and no need to change external wiring.
> Every user can change the password without master.
> Password is 4-6 digits, more security.
> Multiple output format of pressing key, can work with types of controller.
> Anti-vandal, door magnetic detection alarm function.