Friday, June 13, 2014

ROBOTIS DREAM Education Level 2 Kit

ROBOTIS DREAM Level 2 teaches you the basics of how a robot moves, which includes the usage of sensors, speed and force, gait, and drive. This level comes with 12 chapters to help you understand the scientific and physical theory using experiments as you build the robots chapter by chapter.
ROBOTIS DREAM Level 2 comes with 12 chapters of assembly, application of principles, and problem solving.

You will need to purchase ROBOTIS DREAM Level 1 to build the examples robots in Level 2.

Level 2 Robot Examples

Training Process
1. Learn Principles Learn and understand scientific principles. 
2. Robot Building Choose and build a robot. 
3. Robot Movement Experiment by moving robots. 
4. Problem Solving Solve problems and understand principles through experiment. 
5. Build my own robot! Customize your robot to make your own unique robot!